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A’Ibom 2023: And Governor Emmanuel waited on God for a Gift (Eno)

Waiting on God is a rewarding spiritual assignment that many have ignored, but it is what gives birth to a new level in a man’s life. The Bible is repletes with direct admonitions from God that His people should always wait on Him.

Beyond the prophecy of Isaiah that they that wait upon the Lord, God shall renew their strength, Jesus expressly instructed His disciples to wait in the upper room till they are imbued with power(Holy Ghost) from heaven. If it were not significant, Jesus would not have insisted that they wait. The result as you know was incontestable.

By the same token, His Excellency the governor of Akwa Ibom state, Mr Udom Emmanuel waited on God for His leading. Many saw the days of waiting as political tactics, some said he was confused, some assumed he was under pressure and would make the worst mistake of his lifetime. But they were all wrong. He was waiting on God. At the end of the waiting, God answered and gave Akwa Ibom people a Gift(Eno). Indeed, the gift of Umo Eno is worth the wait.

Today, there is great joy in the air, and the pronouncement of Pst Umo Eno by Gov. Emmanuel as his successor marked the beginning of political activities in Akwa Ibom state prior to 2023. Massive consultations are ongoing and the electorate seem to have a political direction.

Pst Umo Eno as the product of the waiting on God is what will sustain the peace and development enjoyed throughout this administration. He has the intellectual capacity, foresight and excellent spirit to lead Akwa Ibom people to where they ought to be.

There is no way one can rule out the spiritual aspect of leadership, since the spiritual controls the physical. God is always involved in choosing leaders and leaders who acknowledge God don’t make mistakes.

From the United States of America to Asia, from the UK to all over Africa, God is recognized by great leaders. Former US President Donald Trump was always dependent on his prayer team for direction and some political decisions in America. Joe Biden is not doing otherwise. During the peak of the corona virus pandemic, great world leaders on different occasions echoed that science has failed, and that only God can save the world.

In Akwa Ibom state, everyone knows that God is involved in the leadership of Gov. Emmanuel, and only God could breed the peace and development seen in the state.
That same God has chosen Pst Umo Eno to give Akwa Ibom people an excellent representation that will sustain the legacies of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

Akwa Ibom ebó Eno

Rev’d Richard Peters

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