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Governor Emmanuel Flags-off PDP Membership e-Registration In A’Ibom

Ahead of 2023 general elections, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has commence membership electronic registration and revalidation exercise to expand its membership base in Akwa Ibom State.

The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel who performed the flag-off exercise on Tuesday at Ibom Hall Ground, Uyo, enjoined party faithfuls to take advantage of the exercise which puts an end to rigorous procedure posed by the analogue method.

The Governor expressed appreciation to the party for introducing the innovations to ease registration of members and announced the donation of smart phones to all the wards in the State to assist those without smartphone in the registration process.

“I am glad that Akwa Ibom is chosen as one of the States by our party for a scheme of this nature, we got everything ready for the exercise, and you could see the speed which my information was captured immediately.

I want to implore all of us make sure we register, this will mean a whole lot to us as a state and to the party. This is easily adaptive to any smartphone that people could use to register, we will present the smartphones across all the wards so that it will be easier for people to register please make sure you register”.

Governor Emmanuel further advised Party members to accommodate one another in order to strengthen the party especially those who defected and are willing to rejoin the party.

‘’I want to thank the party structure, the State Working Committee for their steadfastness, please we must continue to accommodate people, let us accommodate as many as we can, let us open up and try to tolerate people.

God did not create every human being the same, people have different temperament, different attitude, character, behavioural pattern, so we should be able to accommodate others so that we can move forward. If you are in a unit or ward even if somebody had gone out or astray and the person wants to come back, let’s give the person an open hand, it is very interesting and good to belong to a winning team”, the governor said.

Earlier, the State Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party, Elder Aniekan Akpan, while setting the tone for the event, welcomed party members to the flag-off registration exercise and revalidation of party members, stating that the exercise was in sync with an earlier flag-off of the exercise in six others PDP states in the country.

Elder Akpan, who described the e-registration and revalidation of members of the party as historic, averred that the commencement of the e-registration ends the analogue method of registration, providing a platform for self-registration and making it easier and faster for members.

“This exercise we strongly believe as a party will ensure that we migrate from the analogue process of registration to a digital platform with attendant benefits.

“Apart from making the registration process easier, faster, open and less cumbersome, it also provides members with a transparent platform for self-registration and eliminate cases of registration denial”, he added.

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