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BOOM: Trump Holding His Largest Rally Since Leaving Office Amid Biden’s Afghanistan Crisis

Former President Donald Trump is set to hold his biggest rally since leaving office.

The development comes after current President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan which left over 10,000 Americans stranded in the region.

According to Newsmax, the rally is set to take place in Alabama and 50,000 people are expected to attend.

The development begs the question: Is Trump gearing up for another presidency run in 2024?
The Western Journal reported:

Former President Donald Trump will hold what is expected to be his largest rally since leaving office this Saturday in the Republican-heavy state of Alabama.

“It is literally in the heart of Trump country in one of Donald Trump’s most favorable states,” Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl said, according to, regarding the event in Cullman.

“Anytime you’re working with an outdoor venue a lot depends on weather and conditions in the area as well,” he added.
“But we would not be surprised to have 20,000-plus.”

Newsmax reported, “The outdoor rally will be hosted by the Alabama Republican Party … with a crowd of at least 50,000 Trump supporters expected to show.”

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