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Exclusive Interview: Josephine Bassey Bares Her Mind On Education, 2021 Children’s Day, And #AksExpositionCampaign

This is an exclusive interview, a production of Now Update PR and RolandTimes with Mrs Josephine Bassey as their guest.

During this interview, Mrs Josephine Bassey, The Special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Project Monitoring shared amazing insights into an array of topical issues, and it’s worth your time.

Have a good read!

Interviewer: Please ma’am, can I get to meet you?

Answer: My name is Mrs Josephine Bassey, Special Assistant to the Governor on Project Monitoring, and the progenitor of the Completion Agenda Exposition Campaign.

Interviewer: Today we are celebrating Children’s Day, a national day in Nigeria, and in the next few days, we will be celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration, which is the 2nd Anniversary of his second term in office, is it worth the celebration?

Mrs Josephine Bassey: Asking if it is worth celebrating to me is an understatement because Governor Udom Emmanuel has been very passionate when it comes to the welfare of children in the state, from the free and compulsory education to the rest of them, so I can boldly say that the celebration isn’t out of place, and it’s evident in the 6 years he has spent on the saddle of leadership in the state.

Interviewer: Talking about being creative in one’s approach to the delivery of assigned tasks, recently we saw you embarking on an excursion with secondary school students to project sites of the current administration, can you tell us about it, and what it is all about?

Mrs Josephine Bassey: Thank God it was visible enough for you to see, and I believe Akwa Ibomites saw it too, so it will save me the stress of thousands of explanations. What you saw is christened – The Completion Agenda Expedition Campaign, and it is a learning platform for students in public schools who don’t have the advantage of embarking on expeditions like their counterparts in private schools, but this time, in a whole new experience, and a whole lot had been put underground and a lot more will keep unfolding as we continue. Sincerely, I want to use this medium to thank Governor Udom Emmanuel and the Ministry of Education, led by Mrs Idongesit Etiebet for the support and the assurances the project has gotten, and I believe with this support, we are going to do more. We are just starting.

Interviewer: Talking about The Completion Agenda Expedition Campaign, what has been the success story so far?

Mrs Josephine Bassey: In the first phase of the campaign which we embarked on sometime early this month, we took 2 schools, drawn from Nsit Atai and Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Areas on an excursion to the Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company located in Awa, Onna Local Government Area. During the tour, the students had a first-hand feel of how syringes that they would only see in hospital and pharmaceutical stores are being produced, following international standards, learning about the raw materials, the different production lines, safety, and how they are packed and stored, and I must say that it was an unforgettable experience for the youngsters. And let me also add that till today, we are still receiving positive feedback. Again, as part of project monitoring, this was an avenue to expose the young minds to the activities of government, the projects embarked upon by the current administration, and they get to learn about the values those projects are adding to their lives, their immediate environment, and prospects for the future from industry experts. It had been very rewarding.

Interviewer: Wow! This is very impressive, and I must say that you’re doing a great job.

Mrs Josephine Bassey: I thank God for the opportunity, and I appreciate Governor Udom Emmanuel for giving me the platform, and the Commissioner for Education, Mrs Idiongesit Etiebet for all the support.

Interviewer: Let’s go back a bit to where we started, away from The Completion Agenda Expedition Campaign, talking about Education, and the 2021 Edition of the Children’s Day, what has the Governor Udom Emmanuel’s led administration done in that regard, what had he done for the children with regards to education?

Mrs Josephine Bassey: I never believed that you should have been the one asking me this question. Some months back, Governor Udom Emmanuel in one of the Executive Council meetings instructed that a committee to look into the education framework in the state should be constituted, and that was done with the level of urgency that was required of it, and a blueprint was developed to chart a new course for the education sector in the state, and since then a lot has been done. That aside, when Governor Udom Emmanuel assumed office in 2015, he took education very seriously, and he reaffirmed the free and compulsory education policy, and he took a step forward to begin the payment of WAEC and NECO fees for students in public schools, who we know that a good number of them can’t afford those fees, and that has been done consistently for the past 6 years. Again, through inter-ministerial and direct labour, we have seen our public schools wearing a new look with the perimeter fencing and all of that, which will account for the safety of these pupils and students in their respective schools, and I wouldn’t want to start talking about subventions paid to these schools, so the pupil’s and students wouldn’t worry about payment of levies and all that. I must say that Governor Udom Emmanuel has done extremely well in the education sector, more than what we can sit here and start deliberating on. Do your investigations, and you will appreciate the efforts of the Governor.

Interviewer: Impressive, and you have shown an impeccable knowledge of what the Governor has done in the education sector, and I think that owes to the fact that you have worked closely with the Ministry of Education?

Mrs Josephine Bassey: Thank You!

Interviewer: You have said a whole lot about The Completion Agenda Expedition Campaign, should we keep our fingers crossed and wait for more, or do you have plans on quenching the fire soon?

Mrs Josephine Bassey: What we have done so far in The Completion Agenda Expedition Campaign desk is just the tip of the iceberg, stay tuned, be watchful as many phases of the campaign will be launched, and I can assure you that we will make great impacts, and it will be felt throughout the state and beyond. I give you my words.

Interviewer: So, Mrs Josephine Bassey, today is Children’s Day, what do you have to say to the children?

Mrs Josephine Bassey: I wish all the children a very joyous and amazing Children’s Day celebration, and I pray God continues to keep them and continue using Governor Udom Emmanuel to prepare them for the future.

Interviewer: Thank you, Mrs Josephine Bassey, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Project Monitoring, and progenitor of The #AksExpositionCampaign for your time, and the insight you have given to the many issues that we have discussed, and I think we will be drawing the curtain at this point. Thank you so much for your time.

Mrs Josephine Bassey: Thank you so much, and it was my pleasure talking to you. Thank you!

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A Now Update PR and RolandTimes Interview.