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Mandate Eyes Slams Iniebeghe, Says He Is An Attention Seeking Hypocrite

Mandate Eyes has replied to Barr. Iniebeghe Effiong, after presiding over a press briefing in Uyo recently.



Most people who have come across the latest wave of attacks by a certain Inibehe Effiong against the Akwa Ibom State government over the murder of Miss Iniubong Umoren may have reasons to believe that these comments which are highly insensitive to the memory of the deceased, could not have come from a sane or rational mind.

For those who are not aware, Inibehe’s problem is far from the smokescreens he usually presents as veils to attack every. development in the state. His problem dates back to 2015 when he was one of the media hirelings in the employ of the APC governorship candidate, Mr Umana Umana, and ended up in the tribunal courtroom, not as a lawyer, but an emergency fake journalist that churned out falsehoods as against the facts in the tribunal.

The moment his principal Mr Umana Umana’s dream of unseating Mr Udom Emmanuel as Governor, failed at the supreme court in February 2016, there marked the failure of Inibehe Effiong to be a PA on Media to a Governor, and then began his relentless, endless and yet futile media battles against the incumbent Government in Akwa Ibom State. Nothing this government does makes sense to Inibehe who speaks as if fresh from a palm wine joint.

We are shocked to understand that Barr. Inibehe Effiong flew in the state-owned Airline, Ibom Air, all the way from Lagos to Uyo, to insult the people, all in the name of fighting for justice for late Iniobong Umoren. For someone who sees nothing good about the industrial drive of the present government, including the airline, we wonder why he could make use of such a facility he claims is unnecessary and nonexistent.

When the unfortunate news of the brutal assassination of Iniubong Umoren filtered in, we knew that political merchants will use Inibehe and his ilks to score cheap political capitals. This is not a surprise since it has been a stock in trade for Inibehe Effiong who earns his living from media blackmail to suit his paymasters.

In his press statement and various media distributes, Inibehe claims the Akwa Ibom government shouldn’t have renovated the State’s official lodge in Lagos, as approved by the state House of Assembly, and that it is absolutely a waste of funds for the Government to have such a facility. He has said also that such a project could have only been necessary if the Governor of Lagos state also had an official lodge in Akwa Ibom State. The UNIUYO graduate of law thinks that Akwa Ibom is having unemployed youths because of the official lodge in Lagos and the state Ecumenical Center.

But this same Inibehe Effiong left Uyo for Lagos, rented an office apartment and is doing business there. Does it mean Uyo doesn’t have an office space to house his chambers? Would it then be right to say foolishly as he would have done, that if Inibehe Effiong had established his law firm in Uyo, perhaps the late Iniobong Umoren would have been working there, she wouldn’t have fallen into the hands of the serial killer. Nothing would have prompted the late Iniobong Umoren to leave Uyo to Uruan to look for a job. Perhaps the likes of Inibehe Effiong who run away from their fatherland, to establish businesses outside the shores of this State, are the reasons some of our youths are unemployed. He has contributed to the death of that young girl.

Akwa Ibom State does not need an emergency activist in moments like this, we are not ignorant of the fact that a man who is still nursing the failure of his party, the APC in both the 2015 and 2019 elections would want to cry more than the bereaved just to whip undue sentiments. Every reasonable citizen of this State should know that what we need now are builders, not people who are bent on destroying her, especially now that IPOB/ESN, claiming to be unknown gunmen are making incursions into our land, maiming and killing our security personnel and destroying properties.

Whether he does so or not, he should give up insulting the memory of the late Iniubong, who would have finished school two years ago, if the APC government that Inibehe and co foisted on this country had been more sensitive to the plight of university lecturers and averted the one year strike that contributed in frustrating people like Iniubong who were in a hurry to move on in life.

Enough is enough.


Ernest Akpan

Joseph Okon