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How Does Governor Emmanuel Do It?

There is growing fear in some quarters as to what life would look like in the coming months going by the unpredictable economic trends in the country.

Some state governments as a result of this have adopted quite a worrisome approach of retrenching workers, and some have rescinded the earlier agreement of adopting the N30,000 minimum wage, and go by the former salary structure. Projects are hardly initiated in these climes and the governments seem to have come to a standstill. However, the case is different in Akwa Ibom state. Workers’ salaries are paid in time, and instead of retrenchment, more job opportunities are created. How does the Governor do all these?

Governor Emmanuel has clearly shown that leadership is beyond politics, but the ability to manage available resources to better the lives of people, and that financial intelligence is key to leadership. While it is not correct to compare governor Emmanuel with others, knowing that he came from a successful financial institution whose wealth of experience and contributions took the bank to where it is today on the rating table of financial institutions in Africa, there are other attributes of his that have contributed to the feats recorded so far to his credit.

He doesn’t believe in reckless spending, as the tradition of many is. In fact, it should be noted that government is beyond distributing money on high ways and during ceremonies. The essence of government is to leave indelible marks on the sand of time. Governor Emmanuel is doing same without bias and sentiments.

The Governor has also attracted investors to the state through his connections and contacts. Instead of buying properties in choice locations abroad and within Nigeria like his counterparts (past and present) elsewhere, he is busy bringing home life-touching investments for the betterment of lives.

Last month, the Governor signed an agreement for the siting of a multi-billion naira fertilizer plant in the state. The governor was part of the Nigerian delegation to Morocco led by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva. Several agreements to site industries in the state have been signed in the last couple of months. This is what other states have not even imagined, let alone take steps. How does Governor Emmanuel do it?

I wouldn’t believe this is magic, or rocket science. This is leadership redefined and a product of divine backup.

Again, the level of peace enjoyed in Akwa Ibom state is second to none. Little wonder why investors are lining up to come to Akwa Ibom. How does the governor do it?

Despite the series of attacks and politically motivated publications in tabloids against the person of the governor, he is not perturbed, but remains focus and committed to fulfilling the completion agenda mandate.

While others have shouted about the economic situation in the country, and used that as the reason for their failure in delivering their campaign promises, Governor Emmanuel is committed to ensuring that the government runs smoothly; lives are being touched on daily basis; projects are still being initiated and commissioned, salaries and pensions are paid and in time, and everyone, except those condemned to bitterness, can attest to the fact that Governor Udom Emmanuel is working. But the question is, how does the governor do it?

All good spirited individuals should shun politics of bitterness and commend the good works of Governor Emmanuel. Bitterness blinds people from seeing good things. A lot has been done already and more are underway. Let all of us support the good works of the governor and be part of the agenda for the building of a glorious Akwa Ibom for us and posterity.

Richard Peters

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