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Kismet Lueur Among Top 10 Natural Skincare Brands In Nigeria

Undeniably, estheticians play a dominant role in shaping our minds. Estheticians or professional natural skincare lines refine our skin appearance and help with treating skin-related ailments. If there is no esthetician in the world, we are likely to face severe skin imperfections like blackheads, blemishes, scars, acne, and toxins.

Therefore, choosing a professional natural skincare line is imperative for skin health.


Kismet Lueur is a natural skincare brand established to make African Women embrace their skin tone. They are a protective, corrective and natural skincare brand with products formulated to clear skin blemishes, glow the skin without changing the natural undertone.


Without any further ado, let’s jump over to our main area of discussion.

     1. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH SKINCAREFountain of Youth Skincare

Foundation of youth skincare has captured a substantial market share particularly in the US, and it is quite popular amongst beauty enthusiasts. It contains 100% organic, skin nourishing, and hydrating vitamins and minerals.

It doesn’t contain skin-irritant chemicals and toxins and is well-suited for those who are running on a very tight budget.

      2. FARMHOUSE FRESHFarmhouse Fresh

One of the great and exceptionally beneficial skincare line for the spa is farmhouse fresh. It provides natural and cruelty-free skincare and is designed specifically for those peoples who want radiant glowing skin.


This skincare line is a clinically-proven product for visibly removing the premature sign of aging. It is well-suited for those who are the victim of prolonged exposure to the sun. Skin ceuticals products range from moisturizers, sunscreen, and facial serums. Apart from that, it is blended with potent antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acid

To glean valuable insights into skin ceuticals, I asked one of its users. He told me that he uses this skincare product on the prescription of his dermatologist. After a few applications, he experiences smooth skin with a bright complexion.

      4. SKINMEDIA

This skincare line isn’t only prescribed by a dermatologist, but it is created by a well-known dermatologist Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick. He puts the best of his efforts into this product to give users youthful and healthier skin.

All the products of this skincare line harness the full potential of age-defying and skin-rejuvenating nutrients like Vitamin E and C, retinol. Tea tree oil, and salicylic acid. Once you buy its product, I sincerely hope you’ll appreciate your decision. After its intermittent use, you’ll end up with smooth skin and even skin tone without using the scrub.


Kismet Lueur

Kismet Lueur is a natural skincare brand established to make African Women embrace their skin tone. They are a protective, corrective and natural skincare brand with products formulated to clear skin blemishes, glow the skin without changing the natural undertone.

      6. PCA SKIN

PCA Skin is the only skincare line that perfectly combines both medical science and dermatology. This skincare company employs the best beauty care methodology to effectively address all skin-related ailments. It penetrates delicately onto your skin and it acts as a perfect hydrator for your skin without leaving any residue.


Dermalogica is amongst those beauty care brands that employ the research conducted by skin care specialists and cosmic chemists amidst their manufacturing cycle. This skincare line has been used in salons and spas for almost a couple of years. What makes it stand out is it doesn’t contain skin irritants and breakout-causing nutrients.

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for an exfoliator that can help with treating your skin irritation and dryness without shredding your skin then this skincare line best suits you. After its intermittent use, it makes your skin feeling great and you do not experience redness or sensitivity.

       8. PIEL BEAUTY ORGANICSpielbeauty

Piel Beauty Organics is Nigeria’s number one animal cruelty-free skincare brand, they make our top 10 professional natural skincare lines. Their products are 100% organic, made from fruits, herbs, hand-pressed coconut oil and pure original Vanuatu tamanu oil, real volcanic ash, and pumice. Some of their skincare products are made and packaged here in Nigeria while all our tamanu oil range are made and packaged in Vanuatu.

Piel Beauty’s mission is to enhance the skin health of people in Nigeria, Africa, and around the world through the manufacturing, and distribution of 100% pure organic skincare products. They have managed to make some impact on natural organic beauty care products selling to consumers in the Nigerian market and around the world.

Piel Beauty is about making “Exotic, Chemical-Free Ethical Bio Solutions For Problem Skin and Hair That Really Work. All their products in the form of body scrubs or exfoliants, moisturizers, lightening creams work to cleanse and purify your skin by killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells. plus they also work to keep you looking healthy and as young as possible.


Adunni Organics is all about attractive well-being, hair, health, and beauty. It’s an organic skincare brand here in Lagos Nigeria. Their mission is to provide Nigerians and Africans excellent body care products formulated with quality organic ingredients. All the ingredients are sourced locally and they give sustainable results.

All of Adunni Organic’s handmade skincare products are 100% natural organics and do not contain synthetic petroleum products. They are paraben-free, no FD&C dyes, phthalates, sodium lauryl or Laureth sulfates, antibacterial triclosan, TEA, or other harmful chemicals.


Organic life plus Is an advocate of Organic skincare, they are among the number preaching organic living. Just like Pielbeauty Organics, Organic Life Plus has one of the best natural organic skin oil. They stand tall as one organic skincare brand you can trust to deliver.

They have all kinds of products, ranging from natural hair, Obia Naturals, Mo’s Natural solutions, Madam Ori Skincare, Sheabutter Cottage, Midas Naturals beauty, to HairYum hair care.

Here is the list of our top 10 professional natural skincare lines in Nigeria in 2021. I know you can trust these skincare lines, though I’m a brand I have also tested products from these brands and I assure you they are perfect.

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