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Unoma Akpabio, Making Shelter A Must For The Needy

Some people argue that not every charity deserves our attention as the world is too big for an individual to be everybody’s Good Samaritan.

This parochial notion, sadly, derives from our consumer-oriented society which pressures humans to place too much value on material things, to the point that ours is based on how much we have.

But in the view of Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio, wife of the Niger Delta Affairs Minister, however, once one is determined that a project honors God, one should not hold back. He/she should give out generously and joyfully.

It is a truism that, Mrs. Akpabio is nudged on by the belief that it was not the gift of the Philippians to Paul the Apostle, but their spirit of love and devotion that Paul appreciated most – and so do God. In other words, humanitarian service when viewed from that prism, translates to “Sactificial Giving”.

Like the widow of Zarephath, the former First Lady has in extending the frontiers of her quiet but revolutionary works of charity (after donating houses to widows in Ini and Ukanafun very recently), today, Saturday, 12th December 2020, commissioned and donated a bungalow to yet another widow, Mrs. Mfon Mendie Okon, a widow of 40 years with five children in Oruk Anam LGA.

Sadly, Mrs. Okon’s husband died while she was pregnant with her fifth and last child. Life for Mrs. Okon became nasty, brutish and seemingly short, as their dilapidated thatched house collapsed on their heads. That triggered their forceful-relocation to her husband’s family compound – a house which also had its roof shattered by storm.

Added to that unsavoury state was how widow Mfon each time it rained, frantically searched for corners within their sporadically leaking room to cuddle her children through menacing cold.

Her suffering did not stop there. Her lack of a valid means of livelihood also forced her into taking up virtually all types of menial jobs within the community, which at various times came just in exchange for food for the children, as people she delivered services to, took undue advantage of her precarious situation (which was enough to force any sane human into depression as it did Mrs. Mfon Okon).

However, in the beautiful world of Mrs. Akpabio, Chairperson of Sen. Godswill Obot Akpabio Foundation, lies empathy, care, love and sincere belief in being one’s brother’s keeper. Hence, when Mrs. Okon’s helpless story, as usual, got to Her Excellency, she rose to the challenge, and built/furnished a two-bedroom bungalow, commissioned and donated same to Mrs. Okon and her children, thus putting their gory past behind them.

Expectedly, Mrs. Akpabio further complemented the historic event as she extended a hand of fellowship to other widows in the community through the donation of bags of rice and wrappers.

But the pertinent question is, how is Her Excellency able to sustain the Shelter Support Programme? The answer is simple: You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

Source: Abasiandikan Nkono

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