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SHOCKING: Victim Of #UyoProtest Shares His Ordeal With The Nigerian Police

Mr Victor Ibok, fondly called Soso Connect who was wrongly arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force in Uyo has expressed his disappointment with the force while sharing his experience in their custody.

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Why I Was Declared MISSING – Soso Connect

I own a business in the building on the photograph below, located in the heart of Uyo. Akwa Ibom State Capital. At about 8 “O” Clock PM, 22nd October 2020, I had a call from my security personnel, intimating me that six businesses in the building were vandalized and looted to a zero point by hoodlums, my office was one of them.

In a swift reaction, I called my manager and few other staff of my company, to accompany me to the place.
On arriving, we met few police officers who asked us for self identification, we all did and on their permission, we got access to the building.

In just few seconds while still climbing the staircase, we were ordered to descend by the same police, that we are under arrest and should follow them to their station. This was about 8:30pm and was dark already. I told my people to stay calm while we joined them to the station, we were taken to The “A” Division station of The Police, my mobile phone and those of my staff were seized.

A day after when I was asked to make a statement, I told them I need to talk to my lawyer or anyone out there to be sure of my safety, but they refused, I later told them if I must give the statement, it must be written by me, after a long argument and threats, they accepted, so I wrote exactly what happened, the funniest thing is that, the IPO asked me to indicate that I’m one of the hoodlums who vandalized my office, so as a media personnel, I reported, indicating that The Police Officer asked me to write that, I also indicated that it is not possible for a sane person to destroy his property especially when the said property is not insured and it’s not under dispute. Therefore it is totally impossible for me to vandalize my property.

In summary, a day after, my soldiers (Family members and friends) arrived in numbers and in less than five minutes, I was released.

So the lady officer on the counter asked, who are you? they said you are a boss, what kind of boss are you? I smiled and told her, God is the only boss, she insisted and went on to ask. How come you are so quiet as if you are a nobody? I responded, I am actually a nobody, I’m just a media professional who came to have a first hand experience and information about the dealings of Nigerian Police with citizens of the country. It is paradoxical that I use to write defending you, yet I’m the one ill treated.

The other two female officers on the counter turned looking at me with a sympathetic misdemeanor, the one I was talking to told me, you should have told us who you are, sorry about everything, i left silently.

I letter returned to perfect the release process of few other people. So far, we are out, safe, strong and more learned.

The Nigerian Policing System needs a serious reform.

Let me ones again thank my family members who were relentless in the search process, you keep making me feel indebted to you, and the only way I will repay, is by being good and making you proud, I won’t indulge in crime for whatever reason, this is a promise.

To my friends who assisted in one way or the other, and the ones who called to register concern, I hold you even more dear to my heart.

The struggle to reset Nigeria will not come at a platter, don’t hold it against The Police, it’s the sickening system we all find ourselves in the country. But we are equally hopeful that positive change will come.

May God bless Nigeria.

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